Mens Ministry

The Battle Cry has been developed to call men to the frontlines. God did not give us a spirit of timidity, rather one of power and boldness. Men of today need not be wimps, but rather take a stand for what is Biblical, correct, righteous and holy. The Battle Cry charges men to step up and lead their families, lead their communities, lead their churches, lead in their workplaces. It is a clear call for men to become Warriors for Jesus.

He wants us to stand and stand strong. He wants us to lead our wife in devotions, raise our children up in the ways of the Lord. He wants us to boldly share the life-saving message of Jesus with all who will listen. He wants us to put Him first in our families, in our friendships, in our jobs, and in all our activities. We were created with a destiny and purpose.

Rick Willison is a world renown Evangelist, an Author, a husband, a father, and a leader. He has written a book called, “A Warrior’s Witness” that teaches men and challenges them to be real men of God. The Battle Cry is the forum by which he does this work. It is explosive, intense and will leave a deep personal impact. This is not a conference for the timid. It is a place for men to accept the call of Jesus upon their life.

Rick teaches that men need to have the wisdom of Solomon, the integrity of Joseph, the willingness of David, the faith of Abraham, the strength of Sampson, the perseverance of Paul, and the Heart of Jesus.